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Muu & Oum - (with 2 kids Isaiah & Ararat)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Focus: Church Plating/Partnership, Jesus Film, Large Evangelistic Events

Muu works in the church partnership/Jesus Film ministry wing of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ. He contacts churches and helps connect the campus ministry (current students and those who are recent graduates) with local churches. He serves to connect churches all across the country to come together and work together in large evangelistic events and other conferences. He also arranges Jesus Film showings across the country and goes and shows the Jesus Film around the outskirts of Bangkok.

(Muu was also our roommate and Thai teacher 8 years ago when I first moved here. He was a student then and my American teammate and I discipled him for a year. He then joined staff and has been going full speed ahead for 7 years now).

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Focus: Community/Professionals Ministry

Yod is in charge of the community/young pro ministry. He sets up events to connect recent graduates with one another and help get them plugged in to local churches. He leads Bible study and discipleship for young professionals around Bangkok. He also sets up evangelistic events for young professionals.  He’s an awesome guy - he took care of us so well when we first moved to Thailand 8 years ago, and spent many long hours helping us learn how to live in Thailand. He has worked on campus many years and just transitioned to the community ministry a couple of years ago.

Yod’s focus is squarely on Christ. He doesn’t do much of anything to raise his support - just prays and trusts God. He picked us up at the airport 8 years ago and we have been super-close since. Incredible dude.  Please remember in prayer as he is still recovering from a serious motorcycle accident and subsequent brain surgery.  Praise God as He is on his way back to a full recovery!

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Focus: Campus Ministry – Thamassat University

Hack was the first guy to become a Christian through our ministry here when I was a new missionary – during my first couple of months in Thailand. I shared the gospel with him with a translator and helped to disciple him for 2 years. He eventually just blew up spiritually and started sharing his faith with friends, family, co-workers, everyone – and had disciples of his own.

He has been on staff for 3 years now and is such a huge encouragement to me to see him grow SO MUCH in his faith and impact the lives of others. I have lots of spiritual little brothers and sisters in the family tree through Hack!! He’s on campus at Thamassat University sharing the gospel with students every day.

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Garn & Mint

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Campus Ministry – Thamassat University

These newlyweds are on campus every day - leading a team at the #2 university in Thailand and the ministry is growing.  They have seen the number of students involved in the ministry there grow from just 4 or 5 at the beginning of the last school year to about 25 now.  More imporantly, the students are growing deeper with Christ.  They are on campus every day - sharing the gospel and discipling believers.  They are also leaders at a local church and God is using them there in big ways as well. 

I have known them for about 7 years now and it is awesome to see God’s faithful work in and through them until now.  I knew both of them since they were students – Mint as a growing Christian and Garn when he was a brand-new Christian – just saved from a life of drug addiction.  What a transformation by the power of Christ through the Gospel!

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Regional Director/Campus Ministry

This dude is awesome.  He is a regional campus director.  He oversees three campuses and the staff development of each staff in his region of Bangkok.  He travels to each campus to help out and to speak at campus events.  He is also one of the leaders for the entire ministry of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ.  His heart for seeing Thailand awakened to Christ is incredible as is heart to see the believers here grow in their knowledge of our Lord and Life, Jesus.

I’ve known him since the day i stepped off the plane 8 years ago, and we’ve been close every since.  I see him giving every bit of his life to making Christ known here in Thailand.

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Mini & Chaw – (and kids)

Location:  Khon Kaen, Thailand

Focus:  Regional Director/Campus Ministry/Everything Else too

Mini is incredible.  He is passionate in prayer and fasting for his homeland.  He is absolutely tiny in stature, but that hasn’t stopped him from going on multiple 40 day fasts - praying for Thailand - for people to be saved.  He directs the work in the northeast region of Thailand - the poorest, hottest, most-undeveloped, and most spiritually-oppressed as far as spirit appeasement practices and other very strange stuff, (they encounter stuff with demon-possession in this area). 

This guy shares the gospel and disciples people like crazy, and does it all really, church partnership stuff, anything and everything - in an area where there are few Christian workers, because it is much harder to live there.  He and his family are a huge encouragement to everyone around.

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Bum & Som

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Campus Ministry – Rangsit University

Burm is the campus director at Rangsit University.  He also serves at one of the leading evangelical churches in Thailand – Mahapawn Rangsit.  His wife, Som, spends her time ministering at church, and through TCCC as she disciples young professional women and helps to lead various Bible studies for women.  In 2010, Bum will likely also transition to a similar role as Som. 

I’ve known these two since I first came to Thailand in 2001.  They have always been great friends, always ready and willing to serve others, as they walk with Christ.

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Campus Ministry – Rangsit University

Sai is the assistant campus director at Rangsit University.  She is one of the real leaders for the ladies of Campus Crusade for Christ – discipling students and looked up to by fellow staff members.  She is ready to do anything asked of her, sharing, teaching, speaking, driving, praying, whatever – she does it all.  She even plays the drums at Mahapawn Rangsit Church.

I met Sai when she was a student at Rangsit University in 2002.  I met her days after she became a Christian.  Her conversion was amazing.  She went from non-believer to on-fire sharing her faith, walking with Christ born-again believer instantly – and God used her in the lives of many then and since then.

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Campus Ministry – Kasetsart University

PoPo is the assistant campus director at Kasetsart University.  She serves in every way at church and can often be found leading prayer at different gatherings - all the while praying that she would depend on God more and more.  When she sets foot on campus, she doesn’t waste much time in going out to share Christ with students.  One after another she shares – and then teaches those who become believers.

I have known PoPo since she was a college student in 2001.  I met her when she was still exploring who Christ is.  She began coming to a local church, but didn’t yet believe.  Over time, God showed her that He is real and she came to saving faith in Christ.  After graduating, she began working with TCCC full-time, and she has loved sharing with and teaching students ever since.

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Suwit & Nan – (and Titi)

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Regional Director/Church Partnership/Assistant to National Director/Everything Else

Suwit looks after several campuses in northern Bangkok, supervising TCCC staff teams and their work with students.  He also travels to speak at various campuses for Christian meeting and evangelistic events.  He is a powerful speaker.  Suwit works with churches throughout the country as well – connecting them, and helping to coordinate church planting, house church groups, etc.  He tracks church growth throughout the country and serves as the assistant to the TCCC National Director. 

Suwit really does it all – and all with a huge smile on his face.  I’ve known him and Nan since 2001 as well, since they were fairly new on staff with TCCC.  They’re an awesome couple who really love Christ and a great young family for others to follow. 

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Campus Ministry – Ramkhamhaeng University

Kong is on staff with TCCC at Ramkhamhaeng University – the largest university in the country.  He is a young leader with the ministry, but one who is very solid in his foundation with Christ and one who God has blessed with visible fruit through his life of ministry.

I’ve only known Kong for almost 4 years.  He was a volunteer intern when I was in Thailand in 2006 and his work was at Kasetsart University – where I was also volunteering.  I got the chance to disciple him a bit, and go out in sharing Christ on campus with him.  After returning to Thailand this past June, I found that He had really grown in the Lord and was an emerging leader with the ministry.

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Music Ministry

Dtuu is an incredibly talented musician who recognizes that all He has is from God and seeks to glorify Him through music.  His heart though is not just to lead worship for Christians – his desire is to use music as a way to draw in non-believers to hear the gospel of Christ.  Dtuu and the music ministry team lead worship for Christian gatherings and also play for other gatherings and conferences and even go play on university campuses to draw people in to hear the gospel.

I’ve know Dtuu for years – just like the rest of these staff and he has become a good friend.  His focused use of his talents is a big encouragement and challenge to me.

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Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Assistant Regional Director/Women’s Staff Leader

Nid is really awesome.  She shares her faith with practically everyone she meets – and had never met a stranger.  As for her official responsibilities – she cares for and teaches many of the TCCC staff girls in the Bangkok region.  She is a big sister for many here and a great encouragement for all.  She does it all – assisting everyone who asks for help, from helping with administrative tasks at the office, to sharing the gospel on campus, to cooking for large group conferences and meetings.

Another friend since the day I first stepped off the pane in 2001, Nid is yet another example of a follower of Christ who is completely sold-out for Him, and won’t stop testifying of Him for anything.

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Nu & Neng

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Focus:  Media Ministry & Administrative Ministry

Nu has done everything from campus ministry to music ministry to administrative and now, media.  He seems to get asked to do it all, because he does it all so well.  Now he is working on several projects – building a new Christian radio station, working with the small number of existing Christian radio stations, working on evangelistic video and printed materials, - you name it.  His wife, Neng works in the National office, working as an administrative assistant. 

Again, great friends for about 7 years, I have known these two since they were students and new staff.  It is so awesome to see how our faithful God works in and through our lives and He is clearly seen through Nu and Neng.

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KLF's Thailand Connection...

Matt Scott is ministering to the people of Thailand and surrounding countries - partnering with Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ and other churches/organizations.  The personal notes in these profiles are because they are written by Matt.  We are supporting these ministers of the gospel as they share Christ with the people of Thailand, so get to know our growing family of Key Life missionaries!  For more follow Matt here:  TheMatthewScott.com.

Thailand Quick Facts

Population:  66,255,000

Percent Christian:  Less than 1%

Current Estimate of Evangelicals in the Entire Country:  About 300,000

Current Estimate of Only Southern Baptist Church Members in Harris, Co. Texas alone:  About 500,000

Other Religions:  Buddhist 95% Muslim 4%

Monthly salary needed for Thai ministers of the gospel:  About $250/person

Good plate of food on university campus: $1