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A Message from Our Pastor

I would like to welcome you to Key Life Fellowship today. My prayer is that you have come to worship The Lord Jesus with us and to celebrate the new life we have in him. No matter what your background may be, I am confident that God will speak to your heart today through His Word. It doesn't matter if you have been in church for years, or if it is your very first time, I pray that God will change your life in some way this very day. Many people wonder what denomination we are. Simply put... we are followers of Jesus Christ. We choose not to complicate that with all sorts of manmade philosophies. Our desire is to serve the one who died for us and to walk in obedience to his Word. If you are not sure that you truly know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, my prayer is that before this day is over He will draw you out of darkness and into light, opening your eyes to believe, leading you to repentance, forgiveness, and eternal life.

May God bless you as you seek his will for your life. - Kirk

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